I can not count the number of times this year that I have heard someone say "dang you sure have had some bad luck." After about the hundredth bad luck comment, I started to wonder if everyone was right. Does my family just have bad luck? It didn't settle well with me...to think we were just on an endless string of unfortunate events...to accept that mind set really questioned my faith. I believe in the broken road...that the journey is as important as the destination if not maybe even more important
It is the steps we take throughout our lives...the mountains we climb, the paths we fall off, safety nets we throw out to others...that truly make us who we are today. If we never had a dark day...we wouldn't embrace the warmth of a sunny day. As I reflected on a laundry list of obstacles that my family has survived...I realized something profound. We do not have bad luck...we are actually some of the LUCKIEST people on this earth!

When you get the call that your loved one has been in a bad crash...bad luck is leaving the hospital empty handed...we carried two smiling little girls away from our crash site. After a long exhausting week you find out that one of your kids has strep throat - which means they are contagious- you have to cancel everything, take off work, and probably sit up all night holding them. Some would call that bad luck, but honestly isn't it lucky that you were able to get in to see the doctor and get antibiotics started quickly? What's heartbreaking are the thousands of kids who don't have health care and are suffering with untreated illness. You might be late to work today because of the accident that happened a mile up the road...being late isn't bad luck

Even after what might seem like weeks of bad luck, I am still very thankful for the journey I am on today. I believe that every single struggle is there for a reason...to challenge us to become better friends, better parents, and better spouses. God doesn't give us more weight than we can bear to carry. So next time you feel like life is being unfair to you...remember what seems like bad luck to you is a miracle to many.