This week I have to stand up against something much bigger than me. I have been fighting a battle the last few months that has been one of the hardest roads I have ever walked down. Many people standing in my shoes would have shrugged their shoulders and walked away...and honestly I can't blame them. Standing up for what is right is worth the pain that is felt throughout the fight.
I know I am not the only person who has ever stood at the bend in the road. It is hard to take that first step down the right road...the path that carries the truth...because we know how hard the journey will be. People may talk about you...question you...laugh at you...but you know in your heart that it is the right road and one that you must walk down.

Its not easy standing up for what is right. If you are in school you are probably faced with this decision daily. Do you stop and help pick up the books of the boy who dropped them in the mud...even when everyone is laughing? Or maybe today you pass up your regular table to each lunch with the girl who always eats alone? Remember that even the things you don't realize you do will affect someone. Even the small things...such as being the first to clap for the new kid when he reads his essay...can make a huge impact on those around you.

Sometimes standing up can be is for many men and women who have made the commitment to stand up for our country. Our Armed Forces stand up every second of every day to ensure that we can have our Freedom. They are prepared to give their life for what they believe is right. It is because of the service of these men and women that I am able to stand up for what I believe in.

I hope you will join me in standing tall today for the things you know are worth fighting for. The result isn't as important as the fight. Even if I lose my battle I know that I will be remembered, and it is my hope that the next time someone is standing in my shoes they will not be treated so unfair. One matter how small still make makes a sound, so stand tall and be heard.