I realized something this week about how we act behind closed doors. Home is often thought of as a place where we can relax and let our hair down...but ask yourself this...do you act differently towards your family or friends when you know someone is watching?
If you don't think you talk to your kids any differently in your living room than you do in a busy shopping center...then I challenge you to leave your Skype video on for a few hours, and see if you notice a change in your behavior. Home should be a private sector...however I don't think people realize how their "behind closed doors" attitude can affect others. If given the choice family members or roommates would most likely prefer the way we treat them when we think someone is watching. I don't think it is intentional...it is just human nature.

During a recent Skype date between my girls and their grandma something happened that made me realize my home attitude might need a little tune up. Everything was going smooth until the puppy decided to pee in the middle of my five year old's pile of blankets she had carefully arranged as a pretend camp out. Picture this...Skype in progress on your cell phone...baby on your hip...90lb puppy peeing in the bedroom...five year old screaming noooooo at the top of her lungs...it was not a pretty sight! I clicked off the Skype chat and proceeded to drag the dog outside...yelling at him the whole time. As I slammed the door, I realized I hadn't ended the Skype call. I was horrified at how I must have sounded!

While this whole scene was hilarious from an outside perspective....it made me realize something. Why did I feel the need to click the end button on our Skype chat? Of course the reason was simple, because I didn't want my grandma to hear me yelling at the dog. I had to ask myself...do I do this in other aspects of my day? Am I cranky as soon as the back door closes? We shouldn't act differently just because outsiders cannot hear us. Our children hear us. Our roommates hear us. Our spouses hear us. Aren't they the most important people anyways? Shouldn't we treat them better than the stranger at the post office?

It is my goal to start talking like my Skype is still on, because my family deserves the best side of me, whether someone is watching or not.