It seems to be something everyone wants but yet no one believes we can ever have. World peace means no more fighting, no more power struggles, no more hatred. Is that even possible? If it is possible, how do we get there? We have to start small, and by small I mean with our children. I do believe people can change, but let's be honest - adults carry so much baggage that it is difficult to get them to let go and accept new ways.
Children hold the key to free emotion. They express love and kindness without expecting anything in return. In the eyes of a child most things are amazing. Parents seem flawless, even though in reality we make mistakes daily. A child has the unique ability to forgive and forget quickly, easily, and sincerely, because they have yet to develop the skill of holding a grudge. This purity makes them our only hope of finding world peace.

For some reason, society tends to look at children as a lesser version of adults. We expect them to obey and respect us period, because "we are the adult and they are the child." But shouldn't we respect them too? Think about this: if a wife is having a bad day (lets admit we all have days which we wish we could erase) is it ok for her husband to "smack" her and march her to the corner? I bet you just laughed out loud. Yes, it is almost funny to picture but in reality if a man did that to his wife we would label it domestic violence. So why is it ok to do that to children?

I read something a few weeks ago that really speaks volumes. It said that parents shouldn't strive to toughen their children up so they can handle the harshness of the real world. Instead they should raise children who are kind and compassionate and who positively impact the world making it more peaceful. Imagine what the world would be like if everyday every person did something kind and selfless for someone else.

So if you agree with me that we need more peace in our world, then join me in spreading it little by little. Reach out to your neighbors and offer a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on or even just a friendly smile. If we all start showing more kindness to those we meet it will spread. Also we must remember that our children, and not just those we gave birth to but those of our community, hold the key to a more peaceful future. They look to us for example and guidance. Show them respect and kindness and they will be the path to world peace.