ADA - Remember childhood days playing in mud? You can almost feel the cool, slimy mud squishing through your fingers and the pride when you created delectable mud pies. Bruce Chesser found to his surprise that one could make a living creating in mud!
Growing up in Lorain, Ohio, Chesser always enjoyed sketching. He took an interest in art during school, but never thought of it as a career choice. It wasn't until he attended college at Ohio University, originally as a Physical Education Major, that he was even introduced to ceramics. Combining his desire to teach and his love of pottery, Chesser went on to earn his Master's Degree and in Ceramic Arts before leaving Ohio University.

Chesser began his 32 year career at Ohio Northern University in the Art Department in 1970. It was there he met his wife Judy Greavu, an artist specializing in bronze casting. Together they have a studio-farm, with Greavu's bronze sculptures adorning the pond on their acreage and Chesser throwing pots in the backyard barn.

Finished pots, plates and containers handcrafted by Chesser are on display at his home studio, "Chesser Pottery", just a few miles outside of Ada on SR 701, and are also shown at the American Gallery in Sylvania. A member of the Bowling Green Black Swamp Artists, Chesser has also enjoyed sharing his works at area festivals and remembers fondly participating for years in Pioneer Days at the Hardin County Fairgrounds re-enacting centuries-old techniques before the use of electricity.

Located in an adjacent building on Chesser's property is the gas powered salt kiln which can hold 30-50 pounds of pottery at a time.

"Pottery is the ultimate in low-tech", Chesser explains.

If you are interested in coming out to see the unique, handcrafted artwork at "Chesser Pottery" studio, simply call or send an email to