Dressed in their Sunday best, the residents welcome President Taft to Ada in 1910.
Dressed in their Sunday best, the residents welcome President Taft to Ada in 1910.
The Historic Ada Passenger Depot Timeline:

· 1830 - settlers began farming rich Hog Creek marsh land, known as "fever alley" due to the swampy conditions

· 1852 - 160 acres of land purchased & platted by William Mitchell that later became the Village of Johnstown, later renamed Ada

· 1852 - S.M. Johnson set up sawmill

· 1853 - Ohio & Indiana RR came through Ohio, Johnson's oak "mudsills" were contracted for the rails to be laid upon
· 1853 - A small frame-built depot was completed, eventually included a freight office, passenger waiting room, ticket office, telegraph operator, and hotel and activity center

· 1854 - Arrival of 1st passenger train in Ada

· 1865 - End of the Civil War, Henry Lehr sets out to open college

· 1869 - The railway was bought by Pennsylvania RR

· 1871 - The Ada Normal School/ONU was founded, rapid growth was instrumental in the building of a new depot facility

· 1887 - Stick Style Ada Depot building was completed in December, old depot once again devoted to only freight purposes

· 1900 - 2nd track laid

· 1904 - 1300 freight trains & 555 passenger trains made their way through Ada

· 1905 - A watchman's tower was at Main St. after demands made by the public concerned for safety

· 1905 - A rail speed record of more than 126 mph was set near Ada

· 1910 - Pres. W. H. Taft visits Ada to give commencement address at ONU

· 1950 - Original depot, near the present day location of Keith's Hardware, was torn down

· 1958 - The last AHS Senior train trip left for Washington D.C., depot ceased operation, Village of Ada purchased Railroad Park, including depot, from Pennsylvania RR

· 1960 -The watchman's tower is removed and replaced by electric gates

· 1994 - Caboose found permanent site in Railroad Park

·1998 - The depot is placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The plaque reads "Larger than most small-town stations, it features a second-story telegrapher's office. For many years the station served as Ada's gateway to the outside world. One of few surviving 19th century Pennsylvania passenger stations in Ohio, the Ada depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998." (Marker #16-33)

· 2002 - Renovation takes place, the depot is opened for public rental

· 2012 - 125th Anniversary, several items of railroad history & significance remain in storage