Catching Rodney Miller, owner of M. E. Theatres Inc., while he is in Ada and has a moment of spare time is either a difficult task or a stroke of good fortune. On the occasion of the latter, he is gracious enough to talk about his most recent business news: the Ada movie theater is for sale.

"Right now I am running four theaters," Miller explains, "which is part of the reason for the sale - I'm putting in well over 100 hours per week."

And business isn't too good either - anywhere.

"We get no support other than more taxation and more regulation," the owner points out.

But that's only part of the story, and probably not the most remarkable part for Northern students. In fact, Miller somewhat dismisses the idea of the sale.

"Everything is for sale at the right price," the owner states, "so [the theater] has always been for sale."

In the meanwhile though, eventual change-of-hands or not, Miller has new plans underway:

A working relationship with neighboring Padrone's Pizza has been developed so movie patrons will soon be able to order food from the restaurant while watching a feature film on the silver screen. Miller has even removed certain theater seats, to make room for other customers to be paired with tables.

Furthermore, Miller is "in the process of acquiring a liquor license."

As he indicates, it's now just a matter of some additional paperwork. The ultimate goal is to allow movie-goers the option of casually sharing good food and stimulating drink while watching a film together.

According to Miller, this is the ddirection that many more metropolitan theaters are headed or already at. And he would know; Miller is an experienced exhibitor. He entered in the industry after high school in 1978 and has remained involved ever since.

Miller also clarifies that the establishment will certainly not be bar in either form or function; he assures the atmosphere will be as family appropriate as ever.

"I'm attempting to bring big-city-theater experience to Ada," Miller concludes.