Interested in a home loan that requires no down payment, no private mortgage insurance and offers reasonable interest rates?

If so, the U S department of Agriculture Rural Development agency's home loan program might be right for you.

Rural Development's Single Family Housing Program has received additional funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to assist rural residents with their home purchases.

Rural Development serves as the USDA's economic and community development arm and has the mission of improving economic conditions and the quality of live in rural America.

The agency's Single Family Housing (SFH) Program supports this mission by offering direct and guaranteed home loans to help rural Ohioans buy or build safe, decent and affordable homes. Home ownership is an economic cornerstone for individuals and communities and owning a home is an integral part of the American dream. The direct and indirect impacts of housing development also provides a stimulus for manufacturing, trade industries and related professional services, benefitting the larger economy.

The direct loan program provides government loans to very-low to low-income families or individuals. Borrowers must be able to afford mortgage payments, including taxes and homeowners insurance, and have an acceptable credit history. Direct loans are for 33 years, although 38-year terms are available in some cases. Payment assistance also is available for many qualifying borrowers.

The guaranteed loan program is administered in partnership with private lenders and is designed to assist moderate-income borrowers. In the guaranteed program, the loan is made by a bank, credit union or other financial institution, and rural Development guarantees a large percentage of the loan on the borrower's behalf. The guarantee enables lenders to offer more affordable mortgage terms.

Please visit our website at to review income limits on our programs. For more information or an application, please call the Rural Development office at 419-422-0242, ext. 100 or email