It's always fun to "remember when."

This past weekend I met up with some friends some high school. We still stay in touch through occasional phone calls and Facebook, but that's much different than meeting up in person. I prefer in person.
Every time we get together we talk about what's going on now in our lives, how are the kids, how are the husbands, how's work, etc. But eventually, in discussing our current situations, we run out of steam. This is when we get to the "remember when" portion of the conversation, my favorite.

We, just as I'm sure any group of good friends does, have endless stories. We could have (and have) stayed up all night recalling many of the crazy situations we've gotten ourselves into over the years. I never laugh as hard as when I do talking about the good ol' days with my high school friends. And to stay in touch with them for this long is truly a gift. I would then, and I would now, do anything for any one of them. They've always been there for me and I for them. Sure, I've made new friends since high school, but there's nothing quite like experiencing the horrors those four years of education can bring, and living to tell about it with a fun group of people.

Our stories range from the first boys we liked, to embarrassing moments in school, to post-high school parties. Those are the best stories. Mostly because we have to help each other fill in the blanks. (A Zima or two may have been involved. Yeah, that's right. Zima.) We never have a shortage of party stories, and these are the tales that make us laugh the loudest. I think part of the reason everything's so much funnier now is because we're all grown, responsible adults (or at least attempting to create the illusion that we are) so it's a good time to look back and see how different we are now, how far we've come. And of course, now we pray that our children will never try to pull half the crap we did. Although I have a bad feeling about this...

I am just so glad I've stayed in touch with my close high school pals. They brought joy into my life when I was an adolescent riddled with teen angst and crying over a boy, and they continue to bring joy into my life as I am now a mother and wife, riddled with mid-life crisis angst and crying over my family. (Totally kidding, family. You're the best!) I love my friends dearly and hope we always stay in touch.

If you have a great group of lifelong friends to share the good times and remember the old times, cherish them. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. If you've lost touch with people but think of them often, it's never too late to reconnect. Life is too short.

It's fun to "remember when."