To the Editor,
Recently, I was told about a video that was made by Mr. Kurt Klingler, technology teacher at Ada High School. In the past, the Ada school system has had military veterans speak to classes of students about their service. On several occasions, David Archer, who is an employee of Ada Schools, took time to share his experiences.

David was a U.S. Marine serving in Vietnam after graduating from AHS in 1970. When David was sharing his experiences with the students, Klingler and Robert Walter, social studies teacher at Ada High School, were so impressed with the content they decided to make a video of David’s story. The DVD, entitled “The Strong Survive”, is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I obtained a copy from David for myself to share with family and friends.

Everyone who has watched this video has wanted a copy. I thought the best way for people to see this video would be to have copies at the Ada Public Library. David’s main reason for sharing his experience is not to get praise or sympathy for himself, but to make sure people show respect toward our veterans and don’t take freedom for granted.

David’s service to our country was anything but typical. Anyone who watches this video will be amazed at what this 19-year-old accomplished. I’m very proud to call David my friend and very thankful to K2 Technologies for making this DVD. Very well done!

Jim Neiswander, Ada