To the editor:
First, let me say that I write this letter to you not only as a community member, but also as someone who benefits from the Ada Pool. I could sum up the whole point of this letter in this one sentence: Our community is our future. As anyone around Ada can tell you. and what I have noticed in my short time here: the families of Ada have benefited from not only an excellent education, but also from the extracurricular events and opportunities which our community provides — things like the Ada Pool, which are supported by our taxes.
Looking at Main Street, you will see many opportunities for business growth — when businesses scout out new locales, one of the first things they look at are the amenities offered in that town; what opportunities are available for our community members. The Ada Pool has had a long tradition of excellence and it would be not only a shame, but a travesty to put our record of success in jeopardy.
This Renewal Income Tax Levy does no more than continue us moving forward at our current rate, neitber proposing new taxes nor increasing anything; a levy that will assist the Village in pool repairs, operational costs, and maintenance.
I acknowledge that I am biased about the need to pass this renewal levy; the Ada Public Library benefits directly every year when the Village graciously donates a day of swimming free to our patrons. But, I believe there are a lot of residents who share my bias and passion for this village and the Ada Pool. It is time to stand up and send the message that amenities like the Ada Pool are an investment in our future and of foremost importance. They deserve our continued support.
Please join me and vote yes on the Ada Pool Renewal Levy!
Amanda Bennett
Director, Ada Public Library