Harrod barber/used car salesman Scott Schroeder shows off his own perfectly coiffed hair - Ada Herald
Harrod barber/used car salesman Scott Schroeder shows off his own perfectly coiffed hair. (Ada Herald/Joe Schriner)

HARROD — This village has, perhaps, a combination of two businesses found nowhere else in the country. A barber shop and, well, a used car lot.

That is, Allen East Barbershop and Allen East Auto Sales, respectively.

What’s more, they’re run by the same guy, Scott Schroeder.

His occasional marketing pitches are, oh, a bit different. He said sometimes, based on a gut feel, will be cutting hair, talking about the weather, talking about sports, and then slip in…

“Are you, by any chance, in the market for a vehicle?”

Sometimes, Schroeder said, they actually are. Like a guy just a couple weeks ago.

About halfway through the haircut, Schroeder popped the question and the guy said, yes, he was indeed in the market for a pick-up truck.

And, wouldn’t you know, there was a slick F 250 Diesel pick-up truck on the lot. After the haircut, this man test drove it, liked it, and bought it.

I’m guessing Schroeder threw in the haircut.

Schroeder said he particularly likes the patron banter that goes on around the barber shop. Conversations range all over the map, and some of the most passionate ones revolve around local politics, and the like.

Harrod has been debating about getting a new water supplier, which will mean, in part, that there’s a possibility water rates will rise. Schroeder said when he gets one particular patron going on that subject: ‘Katie bar the door!’

Schroeder, who moved from Putnam County a few years ago to start his businesses here, said that’s what he likes about Harrod. That is, the small town feel it has, the town camaraderie, the shared, and often quite passionate, interest in local issues.

As Schroeder has this unique combination of businesses, he may well also have the most unique barbershop seating in the county, maybe in all of Ohio.

The scarlet (a hint) cushioned seats, that resemble theatre chairs, are in a small alcove near the front door. Close by is a big photograph of the Ohio State University football stadium (“The Shoe”).

Schroeder actually bought the seats on auction. They had been taken out of, not the football stadium, but rather the OSU basketball arena when they were renovating the Schottenstein Center.

Schoeder said he has been a lifelong, avid, Buckeyes fan.

I should have asked if he charges extra for Wolverine fans.