ADA — An Ada Municipal Pool employee tested positive for Covid-19, according to a release from Angela Polachek, who is the village coordinator for the pool. And after the pool was closed down for Sunday and Monday, it reopened Tuesday – with even more Covid-19 protocol in place.

According to Ada Village Council President Bob Simmons, the village was notified of the positive test last Saturday. Following this, Mr. Simmons contacted each of the village council members with the information. After some discussion, Mr. Simmons said a special council meeting was called for Monday to discuss the issue.

Ms. Polachek’s release, which was also posted on the village’s website, noted that the Kenton Hardin Health Department notified the village, after an interview with the person who tested positive, that “…no other pool employees needed to be contacted as part of the contact tracing protocol.”

The calculus for this revolves around a person who tested positive needed to be in “direct contact” with someone within six feet and for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

The pool was closed Sunday and Monday. During this time, additional sanitizing took place.

Ms. Polachek’s release noted that the Health Department has expressed satisfaction with cleaning and sanitizing protocols before this situation, and subsequently in response to this situation.

Mr. Simmons said that priority number one is the health of the patrons and the employees. And to that end, they have gone the extra mile, if you will, to ensure safety at the pool.

As noted in a previous article about the pool, the village has hired a Covid-19 officer and aids, whose expressed task(s) are to enforce social distancing and keeping the right numbers in various pool areas. What’s more, when not on life guard duty, and such, employees are to wear masks at all times, said Mr. Simmons. (What’s more, daily temperatures will be taken of staff and patrons now.)

Mr. Simmons has been out to the pool several times over the past weeks to observe and he said he has been tremendously impressed with the mask compliance and the work of the Compliance Officer, Alexa Hawk. For instance, he said he’s consistently seen kids waiting in line for the diving board being six feet apart.

Given the amalgam of precautions being taken at the pool, in concert with the Health Department’s approval, council decided to continue on with the pool – with the reopening being this last Tuesday.

Mr. Simmons added that Council tried to be as “transparent” as possible with this, and there was a major priority in trying to get the information out to the general public as quickly as possible.

Ms. Polachek, in a follow up interview, said the Hardin County Health Department has been “extremely professional,” not only in this case, but liaison with the pool in getting open initially.

What’s more, she said the pool staff has been superb in regard to following the Covid-protocol, etc. A she added that the pool’s Facebook page creatively outlines all the protocol a patron can expect when attending the pool.