ADA — Ada’s water tower (no, not the Wilson one), is about to get a facelift, and other stuff.

Ada Village Administrator Jamie Hall informed Council recently that things were in motion for a water tower rehab project that’s going to cost approximately $158,000.

Although this is an absolute bargain compared to what they have to pay to rehab the water tower in Union, New Jersey. And I’ll get to that in a minute, but…

The Ada water tower holds 300,000 gallons of, well: water. The Ada water tower rehab project will entail exterior painting of the stem and tank. There will also be interior painting of the tank. There will be the installation of a larger roof hatch, and the adding more handrails. The exterior painting alone, said Mr. Hall, will cost approximately $80,000.

The last time the water tower was rehabbed like this was in 2005.

Mr. Hall said the village has applied for a grant from the Ohio Publics Works Commission to cover 80% of the project. And the local match will include a percentage coming from ONU (its logo is on the tower) and another percentage from the village.

Mr. Hall said he anticipates the bid process will start soon, and the actual work will begin in late spring or early summer. Mr. Hall added that he anticipates it will take approximately a month to complete.

It must take, like, almost twice as long to do similar work on the Union, New Jersey water tower. The water tower stands (Are you ready for this?) 212 feet high! The average height of a water tower in America is 165 feet high.

The water tower in Union, New Jersey is actually billed as the “…tallest water tower in the world.” And now you know the rest of the story.

Note: While Ada’s water tower might well have the coolest university graphic design, and Union, New Jersey’s is the tallest one, the most thematic one, by FAR, is the water tower in Forest, Ohio, just 20 miles east of Ada. Forest has painted the ‘trunk’ of the water tower brown, and the sphere above green, so it looks like a tree. Tree. Forest. Get it?