ADA — The Village of Ada just got the most unlikely of Christmas presents. But actually, it won’t be unwrapped until Feb. 27, 2022.

The village at large, and Mayor Dave Retterer in specific, has recently learned that Ada and the Wilson Football Factory are going to be the subjects of a short documentary DURING SUPER BOWL 55!

And if you add 46 to 55, you get 101. That is, Ada’s “Tavern 101” downtown.

It was there that the mayor met with the film crew, et. Al. initially. The mayor then spent some two and a half hours taking them around town – expounding on things they might not yet know.

For instance, not only did the mayor tell the crew about the annual Football Festival, he took them to the storage shed where the 10 ft. football (used in the now famous “football drop”) is kept.

The mayor said they loved that.

(Although he didn’t say whether he also explained about the Guinness Book of World Records: Simultaneous-Footballs-in-the-Air event at Memorial Stadium. That would be a cool insert, huh.)

Mayor Retterer also said that besides the technical film crew, there were a number of higher profile NFL and college players (apparently being used in the shoot). Although smiling, the mayor said he didn’t particularly know who any of them were. Apparently not a big football fan.

The mayor said that he got the feeling that the documentary was not just going to be about the Wilson Factory, but some of it would be about the synergy between the village and the factory.

He said the documentary producers were from Los Angeles. And as coincidence would have it, Super Bowl 55 will be played in Los Angeles.

Note: Just a couple years ago, now Hall of Fame quarterback Payton Manning came to Ada (clandestinely) to do a day-long shoot at the Wilson Factory for one of his “Payton Places” episodes that were airing before NFL games.